The MGH Springboard Studio’s goal is to foster innovation throughout Mass General Hospital and the Mass General Brigham (MGB) system. If you work in this system and you have an idea to improve healthcare at MGH, MGB or beyond, bring it to us, and we’ll help you move it towards something real.

Program Highlights

  • Each project in the Accelerator has the opportunity to compete for Springboard Studio grants.
  • Our program is structured but flexible. Work with our team to establish and accomplish project milestones over the course of 6-12 months, depending on the scope of the project and time availability of the team.
  • Our goal is to develop your idea into a prototype, and then generate feedback and insight from the MGH community to help you turn that prototype into a product.
  • Our mentor program provides expert guidance to innovators from the biomedical and start-up community.

Moving Ideas Forward: Key Milestones

Moving Ideas Forward: Key Milestones

Criteria We Considers

  1. Would your idea make healthcare more user-friendly?
  2. How would it fit in with existing workflow?
  3. Is your idea unique?
  4. What is the scale and acuity of the problem?
  5. How far along is the idea?
  6. What is your idea’s regulatory path?
What’s Your Idea?

(MGH / MGB employees only)