When you activate patients, providers and staff to identify their own healthcare challenges, they are going to design better solutions.

WeSolve is a collective problem-solving process that engages people from a variety of backgrounds to identify challenges in healthcare and brainstorm ways to solve for them.

MGH employees deliver incredible patient care every single day.  We know there are challenges you face that can impede your ability to do so.  Have an idea to improve patient care at MGH?  We want to hear from you.

In human-centered design, if we don’t include women in the design of solutions, we are missing the opportunity to maximize impact, socially and financially.

The MGH Springboard Studio is born out of seven years engaging in human-centered design with health systems and entrepreneurs overseas.  Learn more about our work as CAMTech.

In 2019, we kicked off a year-long pilot – WeSolve –  to engage providers, staff and patients to identify and solve for challenges they face in delivering and receiving care at MGH.  WeSolve is a series of collective problem-solving sessions bringing together experts from diverse disciplines to dissect large challenges into smaller, more solvable, components.

Design Thinking Process

We Solve Stupid Stuff

In partnership with the Mass General Physicians Organization, the WeSolve Stupid Stuff campaign specifically focuses on identifying all of the stupid stuff that impedes care delivery and frustrates providers. MGH providers have submitted hundreds of challenges – the stupid stuff – to date which are reviewed and triaged to entities within the hospital to address. Intractable challenges without immediate solutions are selected for collective problem solving via WeSolve design sprints. WeSolve Stupid Stuff helps build community and engagement for continuous improvement.

iSolve is the way into the Springboard Accelerator program for frontline providers who have an idea to solve for a challenge they face in patient care delivery. At intervals throughout the year, we offer iSolve Awards of funding and acceleration support for selected solutions.

Have an idea to improve healthcare but unsure what to do next?  Submit an application to work with our accelerator team and we’ll see if we can be of help to you.

What’s Your Idea?

Women represent 50% of the global population, and upwards of 75% of the health caregivers globally, in formal and informal roles. Their experiences and insights must be included in the design of health solutions.  SheSolves is a program to amplify the voices of women to identify challenges they face disproportionately and ensure their perspectives are included in the design of solutions. SheSolves is designed to increase the participation of women in healthcare innovation. Engaging more women to design better products and services is not only the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing to do.

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SheSolves is a global initiative designed to increase the participation of women in healthcare innovation to drive better outcomes
Engage end-users – both women and men – to identify women’s unmet needs in the medtech ecosystem, crowdsource and co-create solutions and accelerate innovations/ventures
A global network – of both women and men – and a diverse group of stakeholders committed to women’s empowerment, health and entrepreneurial opportunities

Evolution: CAMTech <> Springboard Studios

The Consortium for Affordable Medical Technologies (CAMTech) was founded in 2012 to identify clinical needs from the field, crowdsource innovative solutions, and accelerate the cycle from idea to patient impact.

As the US healthcare system faces increasing demand for capacity and services with constrained resources, MGH is looking to its employees for innovative strategies, hardware and software to make healthcare more user-friendly. We evolved from CAMTech to the MGH Springboard Studio, bringing with us our years of experience cutting our teeth in design-thinking in low-resource settings to our Mass General community.  Leveraging the lessons learned with our partners overseas, we engage our frontline providers, staff and patients in design-thinking to make healthcare more user-friendly for all.