iSolve Award:

Virtual Group Visits


Anna Baggett; Barbara Canada, MBA; Jacob Mirsky, MD, MA


Design Research, Co-Design Engagement



The Problem

Primary care is not virtual, engaging, or supportive

The Solution

The Virtual Group Visits …

“We offer groups every week that allow patients to engage in a virtual space and to benefit from coaching, but also more importantly to be part of this online community focused on health. ”

Jacob Mirsky, MD, MA

VGV team

Making primary care virtual, engaging, and supportive

Jacob Mirsky, MD, MA, spoke of shifting the primary care model—“We are thinking about moving away from a primary care where we’re looking at a patient saying ‘what’s the matter with you?’ And instead we’re asking patients ‘what matters to you?’” During the iSolve program, the VGV team made great strides in increasing their Virtual Group offerings and capacity, with updated and expanded marketing, and in gathering feedback from their program providers.